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« on: April 20, 2019, 03:13:47 PM »

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Username : xWagane
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Events / Re: Suggestion for AKC Christmas Event!
« on: December 26, 2017, 05:04:00 PM »
This was a good idea, I liked it. But one thing I have in mind is we dont have a developer, we only use the game files we have, Basically we can't run this kind of event if we dont have the game files.

 Aww so sad bro, thats why my suggestion ddnt approved :(

Events / Re: Suggestion for AKC Christmas Event!
« on: December 17, 2017, 08:19:29 AM »
this event is NOT GOOD ! .. why?? all dungeons can be fulled , and others cant be entered !  then only CH1 2 7  can be use  to get o dungeon

 But Admins can make and do a high max quantity of players can be participate :P btw event is already up haha. RIP to my effort XD

Events / Re: Suggestion for AKC Christmas Event!
« on: December 12, 2017, 11:21:05 AM »
when this event started ?

I don't know if my suggestion is approve bro
we hope so, but i heard xmas event started on Dec. 15 :P

Events / Re: Suggestion for AKC Christmas Event!
« on: December 06, 2017, 02:33:59 PM »
mmm but the old Green Sock/s
Blue Sock/s
Red Sock/s
White Sock/s still there to many players have old Green Sock/s
Blue Sock/s
Red Sock/s
White Sock/s how can you explain about that? they have more advantage to the new players about that kind of event.

Opps! My socks are different than last yr event bro. These socks are only materials that you need to collect to change in Christmas Giftbox bro.
What advantage bro? For my experience i can farm those different Dungeons if im a newbie. It easily to join every dungeons even you had only starter set like ST or Devil. Again bro, it's EASY even you are newbie you can participate or join and make a party bro. :P

Events / Re: Christmas Event Suggestion
« on: December 03, 2017, 11:15:31 AM »
The only problem with this is that it's not terribly hard in this server to achieve level 190. So many of these "newbies" are level 190, what they lack is just items. This event is a good suggestion, but will just cause a greater dilemma, especially since these mobs will spawn once every hour after their death, so this is an extremely limited event which many won't be able to participate. Also it won't really matter if PK is allowed or not, because these "old/strong" players can easily just lure away the Santa/Snowman away and the mob will re-spawn with full HP.

Good suggestion, but there many complications with this :)

Haha wellsaid, hey budd look at my suggestion again i have a lot of changes and i add NPC for my example XD

Events / Suggestion for AKC Christmas Event!
« on: December 01, 2017, 11:45:11 AM »
These Christmas events are meant to test your Hunting in the Dungeons while earning great items at the same time!

Mechanics :
Collect all different colors of "Christmas Socks" from different kind of Dungeons. Once you collected all colors of Christmas Socks you can change it to NPC for Items "Christmas Giftbox".

Items that you need to Hunt :
Green Sock/s
Blue Sock/s
Red Sock/s
White Sock/s

Siena's Crest B1F for Green Socks
Apocalypse of other Dimension for Blue Socks
Hacked Code Disk for Red Socks
All DX Dungeons for White Socks

~After you getting all of the different colors of "Christmas Socks".
 You can change it for:

1pc. of Green Sock,Blue Sock, Red Sock,and White Sock to 1pc. of "Christmas Giftbox".
(Players must have the necessary ingredients required to change "Christmas Giftbox".)

Here’s a list of possible items you can obtain from the "Christmas Giftbox" :
1pc. Entry of Siena's Crest B1F
1pc. Entry of Apocalypse of other Dimension
1pc. Entry of Hacked Code Disk
1pc. [Random] Entry of DX Dungeons ~ including New Frozen Clue, Ever-Heated Hot Lava Stone and Another Ruined Train Card

(High rates for Entry's is must to continue farming)
1pc. [Inexhaustible HP Potion(Lv. 4)] (30days)
1pc. [Inexhaustible MP Potion(Lv. 4)] (30days)
1pc. Return Core (365days)
1pc. Pet Untrain Kit - Option
1pc. Perfect Core - Highest
1pc. Enchant Safeguard (Highest)
1pc. AP Saver
1pc. Wexp Bead 75% (7days)
5pcs. Odd Circle
5pcs. Megaphone
1pc. Killian's Ring (char. binding item when equipped) [Perma]
1pc. Tempus Ring (char. binding item when equipped) [Perma]
1pc. Leth Tyrant's Ring (char. binding item when equipped) [Perma]
1pc. Mercenary Card - Single Snowman (Unique) [Perma]
1pc. Mercenary Card - Couple Snowman (Unique) [Perma]
1pc. Santa Coat Costume [Perma]
1pc. Santa Fury Epaulet (7days)
1pc. Santa Cap [Perma]
1pc. Cutie Santa Cap [Perma]
1pc. [Lottery] Weapon Costume - Funny Christmas [Perma]
1pc. [Lottery] Pet - Rudolph (7days ~ Permanent)
1pc. Santa Sleigh (7days)
1pc. Dialogue Bubble - Merry Christmas
1pc. [Lottery] Paladin Weapon 56% / 112% CDI (7days ~ 180days)
1pc. "Christmas Ball" (Silver)
1pc. "Christmas Ball" (Gold)

Items that you can get it from "Christmas Balls" :

25pcs. "Christmas Balls" (Silver) [per 1 item]
1pc. Happy Birthday Ring (60days)
1pc. Paladin Golden Ring (3days)
1pc. Amulet of Justice (3days)
1pc. Paladin Earring (3days)
1pc. Paladin Sage Bracelet (3days)
1pc. Paladin Fighter Bracelet (3days)

25pcs. "Christmas Balls" (Gold) [per 1 item]
1pc. Paladin Cloak [SSA] (3days)
1pc. Paladin Cloak [MSA] (3days)
1pc. Paladin Orb 75% CDI (3days)
1pc. Paladin Crystal 75% CDI (3days)
1pc. Paladin Blade 75% CDI (3days)
1pc. Paladin Katana 75% CDI (3days)
1pc. Paladin Greatsword 150% CDI (3days)
1pc. Paladin Daikatana 150% CDI (3days)
1pc. Astral Bike Card - Type: RW5 +15 [40%RCR] (7days)
1pc. Astral Bike Card - Type: RW5 +15 [80%CDI] (7days)

(Tradable ~ Account Binding item when equipped)

Its Christmas all things are possible. ^_^

I want this kind of Event to use our Dungeons and to avoid getting stealed the spot because our event channel was not good enough.

More Power AKC <3 <3 <3

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