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In game rules
« on: January 31, 2017, 01:52:04 PM »
Arena Knights Cabal EU/NA In-Game Rules

General Rules
Arena Knights Cabal is a free-to-play Cabal Private Server. You are not required to pay anything to play the game. However, Arena Knights Cabal accepts donations and provides rewards to players who do so.

Account Regulations & Security
You are permitted to have multiple Arena Knights Cabal accounts. You are advised to provide a valid email address at registration for the purpose of password recovery. If you have provided an invalid email address, you will not be able to recover your password if you forget it.

Do not provide your Account Information to anyone. Your account security is your responsibility. You are advised not to provide your Account Info (Username/Password/Subpass) to anyone. Staff members will never ask you for your Account Information.

Arena Knights Cabal Staff will not be responsible for Account Hacking cases. Your account security is your responsibility - Arena Knights Cabal Staff will not be responsible for these issues.

Clarification on Staff Tags [ ]. The following are legitimate staff tags. Any other custom tags are a reward for donations and are NOT Staff Designations.
> [ADMIN] : Administrator
> [SP] : Supervisor
> [GM] : Game Master
> [GAL] : Game Advisor Leader
> [GA] : Game Advisor

Use of Third-Party Programs & Bug Exploits
Third-Party Programs & Cheats are strictly disallowed. Known common cheats are No Skill Delay (NSD), Wallhack, AOE Hack, GM Mode & Macro(Shortcut keys). Anyone who is caught and confirmed to be using any kind of hacks will be PERMANENTLY BANNED WITHOUT WARNING.

Insulting and/or impersonating AKC staff is prohibited and punishable at Admins discretion.

Clarification on Third-Party Programs. Third-Party Programs are defined as any program made or developed by external parties that modify the game in ways unaccessible to normal players.

Bug Exploits. Exploitations of bugs to gain an in-game advantage is strictly not permitted. Anyone caught and confirmed to be using any form of bug exploits will be permanently banned. The following bug exploits are strictly prohibited and will be met with the respective penalties:
> Saints Forcecalibur Weapon Bug. This bug permits the owner of Saints Forcecalibur to equip a Secondary Weapon with the Saints Forcecalibur. Anyone caught doing so will be given a penalty at Admins discretion.

Trading of Items/Accounts/Etc
Trading for Real-Life Currency/Cash is Illegal. This includes all form of Real-Life Currency or Cellphone Load/Prepaid/etc. It is strictly disallowed and if caught will result in harsh penalties at Admins discretion.

Scamming Cases. Staff will not be responsible for any scamming cases that occur as a result from the game. It is your responsibility to check your dealings with others and ensure your own safety. If you are uncomfortable in certain dealings, you may request for a Staff Member to middle-man for the your trade. However, Staff Members are not obliged to do so and may decline your request.

Advertising of Other Servers. Promotion of any other Cabal Servers is strictly illegal. Warnings will be issued by Staff Members for any Offenders. Penalties will be meted out if the warnings are not adhered to:
> 1st Offense: 48-hour Ban (if no warning is issued, the 1st ban will be 24-hour)
> 2nd Offense: Permanent Ban

Dropping any items (mp, hp pots, etc)  in Mission War is strictly prohibited.  Warnings will be issued to any Offenders. If not followed will result in punishment at Admins discretion.

Banned Accounts
Only Admin [ADMIN], Supervisor [SP] and Game Masters [GM] have the power to ban accounts. All other Staff Members do not have the right to ban accounts.

Game Master have right to do temporary banned in order investigate more among them.

Other Offences
Unruly/Out-of-Line Behaviour. Any other sort of behaviour that disrupts the order of the game will be met with consequences as deemed appropriate by the Admins.
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